What is Arthritis?

People commonly understand arthritis to be joint pain.  Let us understand in detail what it is all about. Within the human body, there are cartilages in the joint bones. Cartilages are connective tissues and connect the joints and because of the cartilages we can rotate or move our joints.  In simple words, we run, walk, swim and move because of the cartilages. Due to wear and tear and aging, inflammation develops in cartilage. This is called Arthritis.


  1. Severe and constant joint pain. When we think of joint pain, we think only about the joints in the legs and hands.  

Lab Technician – Qualities A Professional Should Have

The medical industry is associated with lots of factors and elements. There are different sources available for the treatment of a health issue. With time, it starts depending on technology and advanced equipment. For operating these types of equipment, there are specific individuals or professionals available.

If we talk about the laboratory then there are lab technician available. Mainly the job of such technicians is to maintain the testing equipment and keep their proper working condition. With it, these have the responsibility of doing tests and checking some other factors.

With all these things, some individuals are interested in becoming …