I would like for this site to develop into a clearing house for ideas and methods for expressing proteins in baculovirus. New techniques and approaches to using the BV system might be incrementally developed and improved if our community is willing to share ideas about, and results with, different protocols, commercial kits, structural motifs (such as promoters or signal peptides), recombination methods, etc. Baculovirus protein expression as a field has been largely open in this way, and perhaps this will work. I also hope this will serve as a resource site for people who are interested in using this system, but are limited with respect to access to friends or neighbors skilled in the art.

I will start things off by putting up an overview of the system and some protocols that I have used over the past seven years that I have been actively using this system. I have, with the very able assistance of several associates, taken part in the expression of hundreds of proteins, both cytosolic and secreted, and I will try to explain the methods that have been successful for us.

I am also soliciting the input of interested individuals. If you have a comment or a suggestion on a posted protocol, or an alternative protocol that you have found useful, please forward it to me. If you have a laboratory that I have neglected, and this list is anything but complete at present, submit your web address and I will include it. If you are a supplier of BV reagents and I've not included you, send me your address and I will include the link. I would request that you post this information in the form provided as this will simplify keeping track of contributions. Protocols which are submitted may be edited subject to the author's approval, and if unique and likely to be useful to the community, they will be published on the site under the author's name. In this way I hope to provide several readily available protocols for most tasks required for using this system.

I have included my credentials and biography for those who might be interested.

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