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Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Job Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will lead the molecular biology and eukaryotic expression components of a core resource protein expression, purification, and characterization group; recruit, train, and provide leadership to a team of productive and innovative scientists. Implement an efficient, parallel, and productive baculovirus expression process for production of proteins for use in drug discovery. Manage a broad portfolio of projects for multiple clients, providing productive and collaborative communication of goals, methods, timelines, and progress. Closely collaborate with scientists in biology, bioinformatics, modeling, protein biochemistry, and structural biology in the design of expression constructs for protein targets. Assist with the implementation and use of a Laboratory Information Management System, LIMS, to track and guide the department workflow. Evaluate new technologies for possible and integration into the department workflow.

Job Requirements/Education:
Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Virology, Molecular Biology, or related field would be preferred. Six years of relevant experience in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries preferred. Expression of mammalian proteins using baculovirus infected insect cells. Experience implementing an efficient and productive baculovirus expression process and supervising a group of scientists engaged in same. Experience applying standard molecular biology techniques to create expression vectors for bacterial and eukaryotic expression of target proteins. Experience applying automation to molecular biology and/or eukaryotic expression would be a strong advantage. Use of transient and stable transfection techniques to express proteins in mammalian cells would be an advantage. Eukaryotic expression at the 10 to 25 liter scale would be an advantage. Experience expressing mammalian proteins in Pichia pastoris would be an advantage. Demonstrated supervisory and managerial skills in leading a productive group of scientists engaged in multiple projects. A strong interest in drug discovery. Personal attributes of integrity, creativity, and leadership. Customer-oriented attitude toward scientific colleagues.

James Bryson, Associate Director, GEPB
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
P.O. Box 4000, H13-04
Princeton, NJ 09543-4000
Phone: 609-252-5467
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Bonnie Grant, Human Resources
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