Why am I so Tired?

For regular tiredness, a few hours of good sleep will be sufficient. When you are feeling very tired all the time, you might be suffering from fatigue which indicates that you are extremely more tired.


To understand the term ‘fatigue’ correctly, know the signs:

  1. Constant weight loss for with/without other reasons like sickness, too much stress, etc.
  2. Frequent drowsiness.
  3. Breathing becomes short even during normal activities, regular walking, etc.
  4. The weakness of muscles.
  5. Lack of motivation and interest in daily life activities.
  6. Feeling tired before you have done anything.
  7. Physical tiredness triggers mental fatigue like loss of memory.
  8. Immense body pain.
  9. Frequent headache.
  10. Even after a good sleep, one does not feel fresh.


  1. Depression: One can have high-stress levels.  It will result in mental distress. Too much of work pressure, life worries, etc. can lead to mental stress. It eventually leads to fatigue.
  2. Lack of sleep: We all need a good night of sleep and any health problem which affects sleep will cause fatigue.  
  3. Hypothyroidism: When the body produces excessive thyroid hormone, metabolism rate increases. When there is no proper thyroid secretion, the body metabolism rate becomes very poor.  Both such changes can cause fatigue.
  4. Heart disease: When the heart becomes weak, blood pumping activity is slowed.  Due to this, a person feels too exhausted even by running small errands.
  5. Sleep Apnea:  The quality of sleep becomes very low when a person has sleep apnea.  It is a chronic condition wherein breathing chokes you during sleep. As a result, the person will have a lot of disturbed sleep.
  6. Anemia:  When blood lacks hemoglobin content, the oxygen transported to vital organs is low.  The organs become weak. As a result, you become fatigued.
  7. Diabetes: When a person has diabetes, the body will not be able to absorb glucose from food.  The body cells do not get the necessary fuel. It is the reason why a person with diabetes feels fatigued.
  8. Chronic fatigue syndrome:  Extreme fatigue for longer duration result in this disorder.  It aggravates the fatigue condition further.
  9. Medical conditions: Post surgery a person might feel very weak and tired.  Other health issues, for example, a high fever for extended duration/Chemotherapy etc. also cause fatigue.  
  10. Physical activities: If you have a job that requires lifting and the moving of heavy items and there will be wear and tear to the body and you will get fatigued.


  1. Rest: Ensure that you have a good work-life balance. If required, you need to change to a less strenuous job. If your physical work continues to have an impact on your health, it might be dangerous and where possible ensure to take breaks in between work. Yoga and meditation give sufficient relaxation to body and mind.
  2. Lifestyle changes:  Systematic habits will help in getting adequate rest for the body. People who eat, sleep and work without any proper schedule tend to get too tired. Ensure you get up at the right time and go to bed at a decent time of the evening, eating when hungry, restricting the use of gadgets, etc.
  3. Diet: Drinking potato water, iron-rich food like dates, citrus juices, spinach smoothies, etc. will boost your energy up quickly.