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Mosquitoes, The Truth

These little creatures cause the highest level of discomfort and are responsible for the highest number of deaths worldwide caused by a living creature. Even a single mosquito never lets you sleep peacefully. We keep on trying new methods to keep away from these little insects. Mosquitoes bring a whole lot of infections.

The Facts

Only the female mosquitoes will bite you. It is because these insects need protein to grow their eggs. They get attracted to the human body due to various reasons like heat and body odor due to perspiration. They insert their proboscis into the skin and

Why am I so Tired?

For regular tiredness, a few hours of good sleep will be sufficient. When you are feeling very tired all the time, you might be suffering from fatigue which indicates that you are extremely more tired.


To understand the term ‘fatigue’ correctly, know the signs:

  1. Constant weight loss for with/without other reasons like sickness, too much stress, etc.
  2. Frequent drowsiness.
  3. Breathing becomes short even during normal activities, regular walking, etc.
  4. The weakness of muscles.
  5. Lack of motivation and interest in daily life activities.
  6. Feeling tired before you have done anything.
  7. Physical tiredness triggers mental fatigue like loss of memory.
  8. Immense