How do you Become a Lab Technician

Lab technicians help doctors diagnose and to determine the health of patients. Your doctor may take your blood and send the sample to a lab technician, or the lab technician takes the sample themselves. Lab technician performs crucial duties to characterize blood samples (or other bodily fluids, tissue, or other substances) and record test result using laboratory equipment, such as computers and microscopes. They work in clinics, hospitals, or stand-alone medical labs under the supervision of more experienced workers such as laboratory managers, medical technologist, medical laboratory scientists, or pathologist. The following are some of the duties of lab technicians

Obesity And Tips To Reduce Your Weight

Obesity is a medical condition that happens when someone carries excess or abnormal amount of body fat that might affect their health. It is a worldwide health concern caused by many factors. To diagnose obesity, you can calculate your body mass index (BMI) by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters. A healthy BMI ranges from 17.5 – 25 kg/m2. A person with a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese, while a person with a BMI 25 or more is considered overweight.  

There are various causes of obesity. Genetic, behavior, and hormone can influence your

Say Nothing And Read About Liver Disease

The main function of your liver is to keep you healthy. It is an important organ to digest food, to turn nutrients into chemicals that your body requires and to turn food into energy, and clear your body of toxins. When your liver fails to perform its designated functions, it can cause significant damage to your whole body. Any disturbance of liver function that causes illness is liver disease. Liver disease is a general term covering all the potential problems that cause your liver to stop working properly.

Since there is a wide variety of liver disease, the symptoms are

Fighting Cancer Abroad

Being diagnosed with cancer can turn anyone’s life upside down immediately. All of a sudden you are forced into a world of never-ending doctor appointments, treatments, testing, and paperwork. Patients diagnosed with cancer might find that their home country may not have the technology to treat their cancer. That’s why many cancer patients opt to go overseas for treatments. Some seek access to treatments unavailable in their home country; others want to have a more affordable treatment to avoid financial stress. 

Aside from the cost factor and lack of technology, some cancer patients also look for treatment abroad to get

I Want To Learn About Sleep Disorders

‘Sleeping like a baby’ is not a luxury that everyone can enjoy. With the growing stress in the modern lifestyle, there are several types of sleep disorders that people suffer from. The worst part is that many do not even realize that they are suffering from a sleep disorder. Knowing the types of sleep disorders, the factors that cause them and the ways to tackle them can help you sleep better. A good night’s sleep is critical to your physical and mental health.


This is the most common type of sleep disorder where the patient finds it difficult

Kids And Measles

Kids and Measles

Vaccinations are available for diseases like measles which at one stage were quite common. However, still, there are plenty of people who do not get vaccinated and the risk of contracting measles will increase. In the US alone the year 2018 saw 17 outbreaks of measles. Rubeola infection or measles was a very severe condition way back in the 1960s before the vaccine was made available to the public. Those were the times when millions of children suffered from this highly contagious disease. Paramyxovirus causes measles infection. As an airborne infection, the virus quickly spreads and is

Kids And Chickenpox

Kids and Chickenpox

Most of the common diseases that occur in adults might come with very different symptoms when they occur in children. Among the contagious diseases that occur during childhood chickenpox is one. Today there is the chickenpox vaccine available to bring down the risks of acquiring chickenpox. It is always advisable to educate yourself about the types of chickenpox that are prone to occur in kids and the ways to prevent them and treat them.

The varicella-zoster virus is what causes chickenpox. In most cases, this is a mild disease that can easily be treated. Treatment mostly

Mosquitoes, The Truth

These little creatures cause the highest level of discomfort and are responsible for the highest number of deaths worldwide caused by a living creature. Even a single mosquito never lets you sleep peacefully. We keep on trying new methods to keep away from these little insects. Mosquitoes bring a whole lot of infections.

The Facts

Only the female mosquitoes will bite you. It is because these insects need protein to grow their eggs. They get attracted to the human body due to various reasons like heat and body odor due to perspiration. They insert their proboscis into the skin and

Why am I so Tired?

For regular tiredness, a few hours of good sleep will be sufficient. When you are feeling very tired all the time, you might be suffering from fatigue which indicates that you are extremely more tired.


To understand the term ‘fatigue’ correctly, know the signs:

  1. Constant weight loss for with/without other reasons like sickness, too much stress, etc.
  2. Frequent drowsiness.
  3. Breathing becomes short even during normal activities, regular walking, etc.
  4. The weakness of muscles.
  5. Lack of motivation and interest in daily life activities.
  6. Feeling tired before you have done anything.
  7. Physical tiredness triggers mental fatigue like loss of memory.
  8. Immense

What is Arthritis?

People commonly understand arthritis to be joint pain.  Let us understand in detail what it is all about. Within the human body, there are cartilages in the joint bones. Cartilages are connective tissues and connect the joints and because of the cartilages we can rotate or move our joints.  In simple words, we run, walk, swim and move because of the cartilages. Due to wear and tear and aging, inflammation develops in cartilage. This is called Arthritis.


  1. Severe and constant joint pain. When we think of joint pain, we think only about the joints in the legs and hands.